Find the Bogus Ad and win!

My Week In...

North Norfolk

My Week In ... for bogus ad sponsors

Inside the advert directories we hide a ‘bogus ad’.

You can sponsor it.

How it works:

1. You give us a prize that we think our readers will think is 'awesome'.

2. We tell the readers what it is, and stick your name and adverts with the announcements of the bogus ad on our content pages.

3.You are now the ONLY advertiser on the content pages of

4. We create and put a new bogus ad into the ad directory.

5. The readers tell us when they (think they) find it. The names of the readers who get it right go into a hat and at the end of the month the winner is drawn and turns up to claim his prize from you.


(There’s bit more to it than that, and what the bogus ad can do for you. Get in touch and we’ll tell you. It's quite cool. )